Film Seizure #182 – Star Trek: Nemesis

Trekation II: The Next Generation comes to a close with a disappointing, and somewhat emotionless, dud that sees a character die, little to no recognition of the importance of said death, and contains way too much action. Join us for Star Trek: Nemesis!

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  1. I wrote a kind of lengthy series for a friend’s weblog, in 2017, for the 30th anniversary, on the making of the TNG series. Did a lot of research, all the blu-ray extras, lots of interviews from the time etc., and one of the things I became certain of, an issue that you guys touched on, was the vibe among the cast. Adding to the weirdness that the “didn’t get along so great” Original Series cast managed to consistently create more of a familial tone is that the TNG cast were tight, from the start, and throughout the full run. They became quick, real friends, and it was that way to an unusual level for both a series set, and even a Star Trek set. They characterized it that way at the time the show was running, and still 25 years later. As much as Shatner’s doc, Chaos on the Bridge, might have actually underplayed the production nightmares in the first season, the genuine friendships these guys had made their set very much the opposite.

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