Monster Mondays #134 – The Witches of Eastwick

Double, double, toil, and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble! This week’s Monster Mondays goes to a scenic New England town to do magic with The Witches of Eastwick!

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  1. George Miller is a confusing director, credits-wise. He wrote and produced both Babe movies, but only directed the sequel. Chris Noonan did the first one. Looking backward through Miller’s credits, with Pig in the City and two Happy Feets, it makes sense that he would have, and I always have to double-check myself when referring to those as his pictures (which they still pretty much both are), but he didn’t.

    What tosses me further is that Australian director, George Miller, also didn’t direct The Man from Snowy River; Scottish director George Miller did, he who also made the animal-centric movies Zeus & Roxanne, The Great Elephant Escape (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Andre, plus the Talking Beasts picture The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, leading me to pre-guess, as I check my facts, that it’s not that George (Australia) Miller, he of tough movies, didn’t direct babe, but that the to-date personified animal friendly other one did, and that’s why I misremember him (Australia) as its director, but that’s not why at all. I just don’t remember the Noonan fellow.

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