Film Seizure #47 – Critters 4

We’ve reached the end of our Merry Crittersmas holiday celebration…

And maybe not a moment too soon.  Critters 3 was a slog, but can Critters 4 at least send us out with a halfway decent high note?  The guys kind of feel it almost has to.  Check out the newest episode of Film Seizure below!

Come back as we kick 2019 off with William Friedkin’s 80s neo-noir classic To Live and Die in LA!


  1. The half-hour-ish I saw of Critters 4 was quite a surprise for me. I didn’t see the opening, so I had no idea what I was watching. I just saw decent performances from Malcolm X’s Angela Bassett, Eric DaRe from Twin peaks and Brad Dourif from every third thing, in an obviously low budget picture which had, for that category, a nice amount of atmosphere. Then the bounty hunters showed up, and I felt like a (pretty good) joke had been played on me. This fair A L I E N clone was a Critters movie?

    Given its reputation, I assume it went south by the last half, because what little I saw, maybe 20-30 minutes, didn’t seem to be headed in a 2 star direction.

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    1. I think given enough time between the movies, I probably would like 4 a little better. I mean it’s got some pieces here and there and it does have some sense of what it wants to be. We watched these so close to one another that it’s so hard to watch 3 and 4 shortly after the highs of 1 and 2. However, for the record, 4 is most definitely better than 3 in a bunch of ways. 3 was just a bummer after the second movie did so much to up the ante and entertain.


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