Film Seizure #246 – True Romance

On this week’s episode of Film Seizure, the guys talk about the 1993 crime drama True Romance that features a team up from director Tony Scott and writer Quentin Tarantino.

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  1. I’m with Chuck on Michael Rappaport. He’s like an occasionally smarter, charmless Tony Danza, and I could only take so much of that comparatively underbearing guy. You do want him dead soon in a picture, not for some ersatz movie morality, but just to get him off screen quicker.

    But I was cured. He, it turns out, can do a genuinely delightful riff on his screen persona, evidenced by how he plays in S9.E6 – The Helium Insufficiency (Big Bang Theory), and then he’s just, frankly, wonderful, like Christopher Walken in Catch Me If You Can wonderful, in the series Atypical, on Netflix.

    Give them a shot, John’s brother! One less thing to loathe in the world is a somewhat better world.

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