Monster Mondays #194 – Ultra Q Episodes 1 and 2

On this week’s Monster Mondays, Geoff invites you on a journey with him into the first two episodes of Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultra Q!

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    1. No it was black and white. I just chose a color picture. I watched it on Tubi and the episodes were beautiful. They had that real nice and crisp B&W. I have to guess they have some recent remasters from either Shout Factory or somewhere else.


      1. Ah, okay.

        I also watched on Tubi, and yes, it’s in great shape.

        You’ve got some real tonal shifts ahead of you here and there, with which I think you’ll have a better time than most. For one thing, they’re not too far afield of the tonal shifts in the earlier Godzilla series. Glad you’re doing this one. It really scratched my Giant Monster Movie itch last year.

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