Film Seizure #216 – Seven

If you didn’t know what the Deadly Sins were in Christian lore before September 1995, you surely found out after watching David Fincher’s psychological thriller Seven. That’s the focus of this week’s gritty new episode of Film Seizure!

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  1. I think hiding Kevin Spacey made more sense than you think it did, Jason, though I had your experience with Seven, and we both appreciate that he did it. I saw The Usual Suspects just the week before I saw Seven, so he was fresh in my mind, but he was also in Outbreak that year, which made about 70 million. It was the Spring Movie in ’95. He had also been in a series called Wiseguy, which had a curiously strong following, as did him in it, specifically.

    So I think he was known just well enough to justify it. Also, Fincher might have known about The Usual Suspects coming out a month earlier than his picture. That had already played Sundance and Cannes, so he might have thought it could be a hit, breakout-starring his third star.

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