Film Seizure #136 – Superman II

Super September flies on Film Seizure with a look at one of the better sequels to have been made – Superman II!

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  1. Jason says, “That’s… not a power Superman has.”

    David awaits his reaction to Supes’ Rebuild the Great Wall of China vision in #4.

    Also, regarding handling of death, though not murder, there are two surprising places where i found that unusually well handled. One is at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Mike Newell does it with his camera, which during nothing less than the announcement of Voldermort’s return, is focused on the people noticing one, singular death, and Jeff Rawle as the father is gut-wrenching.

    I hold Goblet above the deservingly well praised Harry #3 as the better of those two bests for continuing the treatment of the characters Cuaron started, and for being so deliberately, and effectively, cinematic, more so than any of the other seven.

    The other place is in Superman: The Animated Series, at the conclusion of a set of episodes focusing on the character Darkseid. It’s rightly received as the very good, high quality, also-ran of Superman, especially in the shadow of the Animated Batman’s cape, but within its reliably 3 star episodes is a set of four which are best watched together:

    S1E12 – “Tools of the Trade”
    S2E15 – “Father’s Day”
    S2E25 – “Apokolips…Now!” Parts 1 & 2

    If you haven’t, do. It’s a very worthwhile 80 minutes.

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