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  1. What a one-two punch in the eyes were this picture and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The latter had embarrassing effects for even a 1978 movie, let alone something done after Superman, the Star Warses, Raiders and almost the entire summer of ’82. They looked like Colorforms. Even The Next Generation’s video compositing looked more credible than the blimp, the birds… plus, the dialogue was sitcommy, and the ‘action’ was barely at a TV movie level. Last Crusade is basically a Raiders TV movie. Not having ILM wasn’t Trek 5’s problem, because they must’ve all been drunk at ILM in 1989. Their work wasn’t even just at a by-the-numbers for them that year.

    . . . then . . . just two weeks later . . . THIS happened. Everything Last Crusade did to a lackluster level, Star Trek V shoved down a hole and drowned in burbling silt, then peed on. It was embarrassing for a 1940’s effects film. When the Enterprise… enters? passes? the big, blue glowy thing, it… it literally just shrinks like we’re dragging in the corner of a jpeg. It was so hard not to vocalize, “BooooOOOOIP!” when it happened. Most, maybe not 100%, of its humor fell completely flat. It introduced the characters as if we’ve never seen them, like it was the very first “Road To ____” movie. It crushed my love of camera movement.

    To call Star Trek V a TV movie would be an insult to the… well, no. Not the Star Wars Holiday Special. Nothing deserves that Bruce Vilanch monstrocity. To the EWOK TV movies.

    That said, and I’m not yet even 25% into your recording, it has one legitimately good, maybe great, nicely long scene, the Sybock Reveals Their Pain scene with our leads, maybe not well written, but well acted, well shot and even very well directed. It was nuanced, and relied upon the knowledge we have of these characters and their friendship, an understanding the rest of the film assumed we needed a crash course on.


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