Film Seizure #122 – Dawn of the Dead (1978)

On this rather appropriate #QuarantineSession episode of Film Seizure, Geoff, Chuck, and Jason invite Blake and Amber Brown to discuss the 1978 George Romero classic Dawn of the Dead!

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  1. Great show. Great movie to review. When I introduce people to the movie, I always point out the odd zombies that keep showing up. My favorite is the nurse. How did she manage to get in so many scenes?
    For recurring characters that was mentioned, it seems to have happened in the second trilogy of movies. One of the ‘cops/security guys’ in Land of the Dead (as Mike); is the same actor who robs the bus in the next movie Diary, (as Tony); and as Tony again in Survival. Saw a documentary where he talked (most likely Doc of the Dead) where George had different companies wouldn’t let character names cross over (you know copyright laws), but Shawn Roberts liked the idea that he bolted from the Land of the Dead, became a robber in Diary, and I forget what he says about the third movie. Off topic a bit, but most of the info has been rattling in my head for years about that sort of dumb stuff my friends don’t want to hear about, so you get to…


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