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  1. It’s a movie of brilliant mostlies and almosts. He kind of thinks he’s a ghost. Max almost cheats with his old flame, but doesn’t. Max and Carla only almost fall in love, but they don’t, not that kind. He almost believes he’s invincible, but it’s not that simple. He almost is (strawberries), but really isn’t (strawberries). Max and Nan almost communicate in that same moment I hold as most beautiful. Brillstein is mostly a cliché.

    After watching this for the very first time, my friend and I went across the street for breadsticks, sitting by a window looking across at the theater at people going in to see the next showing. We talked about the movie, just the movie, and before we left that topic, those same people were leaving. We’d talked about Fearless for longer than its running time.


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