Film Seizure #65 – Excalibur

Through the mists of Avalon and beyond the gates of Camelot, Geoff and Jason discuss the sword of power that united a kingdom and brought hope in the Dark Ages – Excalibur! Listen to what the guys thought of this classic from director John Boorman.


  1. Good stuff guys! Takes me back to my summer job as a movie projectionist. This and Empire Strikes Back are the two movies I remember most about that gig. Okay, maybe Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Mel Brooks History Of The World, Escape From New York and The Heavy Metal Movie are also stand outs… damn, the summer of 1981 was a great time for film! But right now I want to re-watch Excalibur. Good thing it’s on Amazon Prime! Oh, and I’m also a huge fan of Zardoz, so there’s that… Thanks for the memories.


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