Film Seizure #42 – Demolition Man

Mellow salutations, gentle listeners.  Way back in the 20th a celluloid joy joy feature was released for our happy happy brain excitements.

Ugh…  I can’t type anything more that sounds like the assholes from the movie.  Look, Demolition Man came out in 1993 and it is one of those movies that’s either very much enjoyed or pretty much despised.  It’s a frustrating watch because sci-fi usually has rules and guidelines created for the world that you exist in and lays out those rules clearly, but this movie was like, “That’s for nerds, so we ain’t gonna set those rules.”  From there, well…  It’s your fucking problem if you don’t like it.

But what did we think about it?  Check it out below!

Next week, we talk about a futuristic sci-fi movie that DOES set their rules and build the world properly.  We’re going to cover both Blade Runner movies so be sure to come back and check that out!

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