Film Seizure #38 – Hellraiser 9 and 10

Oh thank god…  We’re done with the Lament Configuration Situation – the journey through ALL TEN Hellraiser movies.  We come to the 2010s to find the last two films in the series – Hellraiser: Revelations and Hellraiser: Judgment.

Even more thankfully (and rather surprising to Geoff and Jason), these two most recent Hellraiser films are actually quite refreshing and felt right.  If you want to know more, listen to our episode below (preferably with an open mind).

The final standings of how we each ranked the Hellraiser series (from best to worst):

Jason Geoff
Hellraiser Hellraiser
Hellbound: Hellraiser II Hellbound: Hellraiser II
Revelations (9) Inferno (5)
Inferno (5) Judgment (10)
Judgment (10) Hell on Earth (3)
Hell on Earth (3) Revelations (9)
Bloodline (4) Bloodline (4)
Deader (7) Deader (7)
Hellseeker (6) Hellseeker (6)
Hellworld (8) Hellworld (8)

Next week is Halloween!  So what better movie to discuss than the brand new Halloween movie?

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