Film Seizure Special #1 – The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

On Friday, July 13, 2018, a famed movie host returned for one last rodeo on Shudder, a streaming service that specializes in horror.  Due to much fanfare and excitement, they could hardly handle it without some real late night server maintenance and diligence.

Of course, we’re talking about Joe Bob Briggs’ The Last Drive-In.  It was 13 movies over the course of 24+ hours.  Geoff and Jason talk about the event and share some of their own personal stories about art of horror hosting and the bygone age of having to sneak all night recordings to avoid being confiscated by parents.  Listen below!

We’re back to our regular schedule in just a couple days with The Last Dragon so be sure to come back to check it out!


  1. didn’t know about this and there’s nowhere to find it.. even the people that paid didnt get to see it all? they should make it available some how.


    1. Hi Matt. The overwhelming support for it from all the hype in the couple weeks leading up to the marathon overloaded the servers Shudder runs on. So it was a touch and go experience for everyone – trial memberships and longtime subscribers. As a compromise, Shudder made it available on-demand very quickly after the marathon for people to watch anytime, and then ran the whole marathon again the following weekend. So people did get a chance to see it, it just was a little disappointing at the beginning of the anticipated event.


    2. Hi Matt! Thanks for commenting. Yes, there were some streaming issues the night it started. Those who stuck it out or checked back in later were able to see some of it eventually. Shudder did everyone a solid by putting it all up to stream, so for a mere $3.99/month you can check it out. I think you can even get a week free if you just want to binge it. As Joe Bob says “4 Stars! Check it out!”


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