Film Seizure #18 – The Rage (1997)

Hey kids!  You like Gary Busey?  You like straight-to-video 1990s action movies?  What about Lorenzo Lamas?  How about a time in which veterans were kinda considered crazy cuckoo?  Well then…  Have we got a treat for you!

Our first ever request movie, The Rage, comes to us from a friend of the show (thank you, Kristen!) and immediately ranks among some of the best silly action we will ever see.  Seriously, we placed this into some of the same sentences as one of our favorite movies we’ve covered for this podcast, Raw Force.  So check it out below!

Starting next week, we decide to lighten things up around here after a draining Barker Bonanza and take a trip through some movies that use music as a major component of their stories.  Be sure to come back and check that out as we kick things off next week with Phantom of the Paradise!

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