Film Seizure #10.1 – Friday the 13th (1980)

It’s time for another new episode of Film Seizure!

This week is a bit of a special release.  Back when Jason and Geoff were trying to figure out the format for their show, they wanted to record a pilot episode covering some movies they knew well enough to feel comfortable with them being the subject of the first episode.  Long story short, they chose the first three Friday the 13th movies, and recorded a nearly three hour pilot episode.

They realized that the best way to move forward with their show was to not do three hour episodes, but they still also wanted to release what they had originally recorded.  So, here we are…  Celebrating the 10th episode of Film Seizure, as well as celebrating this week’s Friday the 13th (April 13, 2018), and celebrating our move to a weekly format (see our post this Friday), we decided to release the pilot episode in a special three-part release!

For today, check out our thoughts on the very first Friday the 13th!

See you tomorrow for Friday the 13th Part 2!

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