1. I can’t say I know it all that well. That said… I’ve had my eye on this. I’m glad it’s on Tubi. Lots of these various series and movies and such have come out of the woodwork over the last several years. The Daiei Daimajin trilogy is getting a pretty nice looking Arrow release. Pretty much everything you could want from the various super sentai stuff is available. Johnny Sokko is probably still hanging out on Comet. I wish there was more time in a day to explore deep into the wilderness of bonkers Japanese shows and movies.


      1. The description I heard was that this one was to be a Japanese Twilight Zone, but with a monster a week. Which sounds more like The Outer Limits, except that turned out to be decent hard sci-fi. With a monster a week.
        Having seen two of these now, I think they are straight up 24 minute long Showa Era giant monster movies. If that’s one’s itch, what I’ve seen will definitely scratch it.

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